Law Offices of 
George Kita


Criminal Defense Services

Mr. Kita helps his clients with misdemeanor & felony cases, including:


Hit and Run 

Drug Possession

Probation Violation

Dui & Drunk Driving

Weapons Possession
Bench & Arrest Warrants

George Kita provides clients insight into their best case options and strategies. 

He gives them peace of mind, knowing each possible solution is carefully explored. These case options may include court alternatives. 

The Los Angeles District Attorney and the Los Angeles City Attorney will consider certain court cases for alternative resolutions, which allows for some people to receive dismissal of all their charges. The programs include APPS & Office Hearings. 

So how do you determine if you may be eligible?

George Kita can evaluate facts and circumstances of your case, to determine the available strategies & possible alternatives. 

What are your options? Call and find out possible solutions to your case!

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